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About us

We are Mülheim Modular - the new store for modular synthesizers in Cologne-Mülheim!

But we are even more. Because with Mülheim Modular we don't just want to bring modules together and cross-link them, but also people: We want to offer a growing community of synth fans and music-savvy electronic hobbyists like you a meeting place where you can exchange ideas, learn, Gather inspiration and be creative.

Our store should be a place where every professional feels comfortable, but which also offers newcomers an exciting introduction to the world of modular synthesizers. Because we are convinced: Love begins long before the umpteenth cable - and a surprising amount can be achieved here with just a little know-how.

Admittedly, we cannot yet fully grasp that the dream of having our own store has become a reality. The vision was older, but due to the pandemic idling, the “someday” became “why not now?”. In the end we just missed the club too much when we put on full-length live shows without guests during the Corona lockdowns: Daniel hung up, Madeleine designed the visuals, the fog machine was running. And if you wanted, you could stream the event home and dance away. A few lucky coincidences later, the Mülheim Modular idea was far too vivid to postpone.

We enjoyed the do-it-yourself approach and took it further. We spent more and more time soldering and tinkering, and as if fate were trying to give us a helping hand, one fine day the right space for a shop on the ground floor became available. Exactly here, at Von-Sparr-Straße 62, the hotspot we have dreamed of will gradually emerge - particle by particle, module by module. As with our synthesizers. Here we want to bring people together, inspire them, celebrate the DIY culture together and - for those who are looking for it - be a workshop center, a well-stocked synth boutique or just a music shop.

Regardless of whether to try things out or to shop, whether for advice from a professional or simply out of simple curiosity about the topic: drop by!

We look forward to you!

Madeleine & Daniel